Bywater Bros. Editions

Jack Pierson

Tomorrow’s Man
Lynn Valley 9

Published by Bywater Bros. Editions and Presentation House Gallery, 2014
84 pages, softcover
10 x 6.4 inches / 24.1 x 16.5 cm

ISBN 978-0-920293-91-1

Edited and designed by Jack Pierson and Roger Bywater

Utilizing an unconventional design layout in which imagery has been dropped in with a complete disregard for page breaks and centerfolds, this compendium quickly establishes itself as something other than a straightforward photobook.

Tomorrow’s Man, Lynn Valley 9, combines familiar imagery from Pierson’s vast repertoire—portraits, vintage ‘Physique’ magazines, celebrity promo shots, and oddball ephemera—alongside work from an eclectic range of contributors such as David Carrino, Florence Derive, Alex Jovanovich, Dan McCarthy, Ryan Sullivan, Evan Whale, and others. The unusual design and diverse imagery presents Pierson in way never seen before and shows off his skill as an inventive editor.

Includes a short story by Veralyn Behenna entitled The Lobster.

Limited copies available, please inquire for pricing